Computing and Creative Technology


ECDL Extra - BCS Level 2 CertificateA well respected general IT course for those wishing to gain a qualification to help with work and career prospects. Suitable for those with a Level 1 IT qualification or equivalent IT skills.
Excel - for BeginnersThis Train-&-Grow course designed for those new to Excel or who are aware their current Excel skills may have gaps and would therefore welcome the opportunity of reviewing and reinforcing the basics.
Excel - Introduction to Formulas (Intermediate)This Train-&-Grow course is designed for those wanting to create their own formulas or perhaps work with existing, pre-configured, formulas but nevertheless would like to gain an insight as to how they are configured and how they work.
Excel - Managing Data (Intermediate)This Train-&-Grow course is aimed at those responsible for managing (primarily) financial worksheets. (There is a separate course for those dealing primarily with client records, mail merge lists, databases etc.)
Excel - Managing Text (Intermediate)If you use Excel to manage and manipulate data such as customer lists and output to primarily text based reports or mailshots this workshop will be of benefit. Learn how to import data from Word, clean up formatting and use conditional tests (IF statements) to meet the needs of customers.
Excel - Pivot Tables (Intermediate)Do you understand Excel, but would like to learn how to use Pivot Tables to analyse data? For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Excel - Presenting Data (Intermediate)This Train-&-Grow course is designed for those responsible for producing hard copies of Excel data in the form of charts, reports, filtered or refined data in order to meet a variety of in-house and external requirements.
Excel - Presenting Data - IntermediateThis workshop shows you how to extract raw data and create charts. We look at the myriad of presentation options available to present graphs and charts for management reports and PowerPoint presentations to meet the specific needs of clients - both internal and external.
Facebook for BusinessMany businesses use Facebook to generate customer awareness, engagement opportunities and to increase sales. If you are new to this social media platform, this workshop will give you an insight into how using Facebook will add value to your business.
IT Essentials Intensive - Ascentis AptEd Level 1-2 CertificateYou will learn a variety of useful IT skills enabling you to gain a qualification at either Level 1 or Level 2 without taking an exam. This course is being run on an intensive basis (2 sessions per week) to enable you to achieve your qualification more quickly.
LinkedIn for BusinessNeed to be more savvy with LinkedIn, the social network for professionals? If you have little or no knowledge of how LinkedIn can enhance your professional profile this workshop will demonstrate how it brings value to your business.
Outlook - Make the most of Outlook (Beginners/Intermediate)Train-&-Grow programmes provide training solutions that help organisations and individuals improve performance and competitiveness in the global market.
PowerPoint - for BeginnersThis Train-&-Grow course is designed for those responsible for the physical creation of slides for a presentation by themselves or others.
Prezi - presenting your ideas on the go!Want a fresh approach to presentations? Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint? Find out more about Prezi and what it can do for the effectiveness of your presentations. For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Word - Complex Documents (Advanced)Those responsible for the creation, formatting and/or editing of complex documents comprising tables, columns, photographs, graphs and SmartArt and utilising multiple styles, hyperlinks, headers/footers and page numbering
Word - Introduction for BeginnersThis Train & Grow course is for those new to Word or who are conscious their existing Word skills may have gaps and who would welcome the opportunity of reviewing and reinforcing the basics. For Course Information, please click on the date below.