Baking MasterclassA masterclass designed for anyone with an interest in baking. The course will cover both savoury and sweet aspects of baking and will include working with yeast, pastry making and cake making. There is a requirements list for this course.
Cooking for Family and FriendsThis course will cover starters/lunches, main courses and desserts which are suitable for the family and informal entertaining. An ingredients / small equipment will be sent out before the first session.
Fish SuppersThis course is a great way to start cooking with fish and producing a different fish supper each week with either an accompaniment or simple dessert. An ingredients/small equipment list will be sent out prior to the start of the course.
Food for the WeekendStraightforward tasty food for the weekend. The recipes covered are suitable whether you are entertaining or just having a quiet weekend. An ingredients/small equipment list will be sent out before the start of the course.
Saturday Cookery: Easy Entertaining MenuPrepare and cook a menu that is easy to get ready ahead of time, so you can relax at your own dinner party.
What's for Dinner?Are you stuck for ideas? Then come and be inspired with mouth-watering modern recipes. New takes on chicken, fish, pasta and more. Delicious desserts which are sure to tempt family and friends. Great food - no fuss. An ingredients/small equipment list is sent out before first session.