Computers and the internet


Christmas PublisherLearn how to use Microsoft Publisher to create publications with a Christmas theme.
Getting more from email using internet-based Microsoft OutlookWould you like to improve your email skills and sort out your email account?
Getting more from your tabletHave you attended our Getting the Most from your Tablet course? Then come along and find out more.
Introduction to word processing using Microsoft WordAre you a ‘rusty’ typist? Are you a budding author who would like to get their words down in print? Or would you simply like to learn how to do word processing?
Introduction to your Apple iPadRecently acquired an Apple iPad for Christmas? Had one for some time but not sure how to use it? Come along to our course and put your device through its paces. See how truly an amazing present you really have!
Introduction to your tabletHaving an Android device tablet can be useful, empowering, and also lots of fun! On this course, learn tips and tricks to help you use your device.
Social Media - FacebookSocial networks can be great way to keep in touch with people wherever they are in the world, find old friends, share pictures and find out the latest news. This course will introduce you to Facebook and the benefits it has to offer.