Computing / IT Skills

Digital PhotographyLearn to connect digital camera to the computer, upload pictures, manipulate, save and print pictures
Introduction to Internet & EmailFor those new to computers. Learn to use the Internet and to send and receive emails.
IT for Job HuntersFor near beginners. Covers the IT skills required to job hunt in todays employment market. This includes word processing, internet and email. Search for jobs online, universal job match, writing application letters and CVs.
Learn to Buy & Sell on eBayCreate an eBay account, learn about it's features and learn to buy and/or sell from the comfort of your home
Z0002097 - How to Use a Tablet (Android / iPad) - (WM)This workshop is designed to show learners how to use features that would be common in almost all android tablets. Learn how to navigate your Ipad, as well as find and download apps. Your must have your own Ipad to do this workshop.
Modified: 2005-09-29
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