Computing / IT Skills

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T5020166 - IT User Fundamentals - Accredited (LLD)For near beginners. Includes word processing using MS Word, Internet & Email. Search for jobs online, Universal Job Match, write application letters and CVs and attach documents to emails. Free for JSA and ESA (WRAG) only
Z0002097 - 3 Steps to Microsoft OfficeIntroduction to MS Office applications (Word, Excel & PowerPoint). Free for JSA and ESA (WRAG) only
Z0002097 - How to Use a Tablet (Android / iPad) - (WM)This workshop is designed to show learners how to use features that would be common in almost all android tablets. Learn how to navigate your Ipad, as well as find and download apps. Your must have your own Ipad to do this workshop.
Z0002097 - Introduction to ComputersFor those new to computers: Get to know keyboard and mouse & learn to type text and data . Learn simple word processing application, use internet & send receive emails. Roll on/roll off course to prepare learners for IT for Job hunters course.
z0002097 - IT For All Internet Shopping (WM)Gain the skills to search for products, compare prices, fill your basket and make secure payments for your purchase. Find Holidays and flights using travel websites and make secure payments.
Z0002097 - Learn to Buy & Sell on eBay (LLD)Create an eBay account, learn about it's features and learn to buy and/or sell from the comfort of your home
Z0002097 - Learn to use Internet & Email (WM)Learn how to setup an e-mail account and send and receive e-mails and attach documents.
Z0002806 - Digital PhotographyLearn to connect digital camera to the computer, upload pictures, manipulate, save and print pictures
Z0002806 - Introduction to Facebook (LLD)Learn about set up account and use Facebook
Z0002806 - Introduction to Skype (LLD)Connect to friends and relatives using Skype
Z0102097 - ITQ - Level 1Follow on Course from Entry Level Award for IT Users (ITQ) covering similar units at Level 1. Free for JSA and ESA (WRAG) only
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