Computing / IT Skills

Digital PhotographyLearn to connect digital camera to the computer, upload pictures, manipulate, save and print pictures
How to Use a Tablet (Android)Learn to use features common to almost all android tablets. Bring your own or use a tablet that is provided.
How to Use an iPad (Beginners)Learn how to navigate your Ipad, as well as find and download apps. Your must have your own Ipad to do this workshop.
How to Use an iPad (Improvers)Further practice with your iPad. Learn some more advanced skills. You will need your own iPad to do this course.
Introduction to Internet & EmailLearn how to set up an email account and send and receive emails. Will cover attaching documents and look at the internet.
Introduction to Internet SkillsA beginners' course to introduce learners to the internet.
IT Qualification (ITQ - Level 1)Level 1 Award - MS Office applications (Word, Excel & PowerPoint). Requires 2 or more terms.
Z0002097 - IT Workshops (Google Earth)Learn how to use Google Earth, the virtual globe, map and geographical information programme.
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