An Introduction to Homeopathy & Natural Medicine

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Course code: PL1816F

Learn more about how natural health, wellness and homeopathy (including nutrition, diet and exercise) can support your wellbeing - safe, effective ways to treat minor ailments, naturally



From 06 Jun 2024
Thu 10:00-13:00

One day

06 Jun 2024

10:00 to 13:00


King's Park Leisure & Learning Centre 

Bournemouth Indoor Bowls Centre, Kings Park Drive



Fees and concessions

total  fee  for  this  course: £20.00.

the full tuition fee for this course: £20.00 ,the concession fee  £10.00.


Skills & Learning Adult Community Education

01202 123444

What the course is about

<p>Homeopathy is a holistic, natural and safe system of medicine. Used for more than 200n years, it originated in Germany by the physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. More than 200million people regularly use homeopathy worldwide including more than 6 million people in the UK.</p>

<p>This workshop will explore the basics.</p>

<p>All our courses are made up of elements of speaking & listening, reading, and writing, and you will work using these elements throughout the course.</p>

<p>Learning takes place in a friendly classroom setting, which is a great place for social interaction and helping you meet new people.</p>

<p>Practice at home and completion of homework is advisable to enhance your learning experience.</p>

<p>This course is delivered by: </p>

<p>Dr Marliese Symons BSc AKC MCH PCH MChiro DC RSHom MFHom </p>

<p>She is a registered Homeopath (qualified in 1994), and a registered Chiropractor. </p>

<p>She is a Consultant for The Society of Homeopaths; an examiner for the Faculty of Homeopathy and has previously worked for the NHS. Her practice is holistic and she has a strong background in nutrition. </p>

Pre-course information session or interview

<p>There are no Pre-course admission sessions or interviews to enrol on this course.</p>

<p>Simply a desire to learn about improving the health and wellness of yourself and/or those around you.</p>

Assessment of progress, tests, exams

<p>Your tutor will work with you to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which will help you review your progress towards achieving your goals during the course.</p>

<p>There is no qualification or examination attached to this course.</p>

Who the course is for / Previous experience, knowledge or qualifications

<p>This is a Beginners course, for those who have no experience in the subject or very basic knowledge of the subject.</p>

<p>It is intended for anyone who has an interest in Natural Health and is interested in learning about / improving their Health and Wellness.</p>

<p>NB. This course does not diagnose or treat any health conditions. All information is advisory only.</p>

<p>If you are unsure or worried about a health condition, you are advised to contact your GP.</p>

Materials and costs

<p>You will need a notebook and pen.</p>

<p>It is highly recommended that you purchase a First Aid homeopathy kit for you to put in practice what you learn.</p>

<p>It would be useful for you to have access to a computer so you can do some research of your own. Alternatively, you can book computer time for free in any of the local libraries.</p>

<p>You do not need to purchase any computer software.</p>