LivingWell: Summer Painting

This course is available but you cannot enrol online. Please make an enquiry below, and someone will contact you.

Course code: PM1772F

LivingWell courses are subsidised workshops that aim to support wellbeing in addition to teaching a skill, in this class you can explore a range of painting techniques and focus on creating a simple yet effective beautiful summer scene.



From 27 Jun 2024 to 18 Jul 2024
Thu 10:00-12:30

4 weeks

27 Jun 2024

10:00 to 12:30

04 Jul 2024

10:00 to 12:30

11 Jul 2024

10:00 to 12:30

18 Jul 2024

10:00 to 12:30


Weymouth Library 

Great George Street



Fees and concessions



Skills & Learning Adult Community Education

01202 123444

What the course is about

<p>Using the summer season as inspiration, explore a range of painting techniques to create a lovely and unique piece of art.</p>

<p>Through this course you will discover the mindful elements of creating a piece of art and how these activities can support us in a more holistic way. Topics that may be covered include:</p>

<li>Understanding colour theory</li>
<li>Mixing colours</li>
<li>Apply basic techniques needed for watercolour and acrylic painting</li>
<li>Understand composition, perspective, positive and negative space</li>

<p>The course is participative and includes information giving, demonstration, discussion and working together. You will need to be prepared to take an active part in the sessions and to challenge some of your thoughts and beliefs.</p>

<p>All our courses are made up of elements of speaking & listening, reading and writing, and you will work using these elements throughout the course.</p>

<p>Some of the skills you gain on this course could help increase your opportunities for employment or working within the community. Learning takes place in a friendly classroom setting, which is a great place for social interaction and helping you meet new people.</p>

<p>Practice at home and completion of homework is advisable to enhance your learning experience.</p>

<p>This course is subsidised by Government funding so you should aim to attend the whole course.</p>

Pre-course information session or interview

<p>There are no pre-course information sessions or interviews in order to enrol on this course.</p>

Assessment of progress, tests, exams

<p>Your tutor will work with you to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which will help you review your progress towards achieving your goals during the course.</p>

<p>There is no qualification or examination attached to this course.</p>

Who the course is for / Previous experience, knowledge or qualifications

<p>This is a Beginners course, and you will be expected to have no experience in the subject or very basic knowledge of the subject. This course could be helpful for people who are experiencing low mood, anxiety and/or stress.</p>

Materials and costs

<p>You will need a notebook, pen and A4 folder.<br />
 <br />
You should also bring any relevant art materials that you have available to the first session, but before buying expensive materials and equipment please discuss their purchase with your tutor.<br />
 <br />
You are advised to wear old clothes or an overall to protect your clothes.</p>