Business Training


Excel (365) - Managing DataThis Train-&-Grow course is aimed at those responsible for managing (primarily) financial worksheets. (There is a separate course for those dealing primarily with text-based client records, mail merge lists, databases etc.)
Excel (365) - Managing TextThis Train-&-Grow course is for those responsible for the cleaning up, formatting and management of (primarily) text-based lists, records, databases, etc. Besides useful text processing functions the course builds on simple conditional formulas (IF Tests) and introduces complex and multiple IF test
Excel (365) - Presenting Data - IntermediateThis Train & Grow course is designed for those responsible for producing hard copies of Excel data in the form of charts, reports, filtered or refined data, in order to meet a variety of in-house and external requirements.
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence This one day course will provide you with knowledge of the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)This one day course is designed to introduce you to Neuro-Linguistic Programme in a way that is interesting, easy to understand and practical.
Introduction to Project ManagementThe course is intended to develop own skills of those (who may or may not be managers) to help them manage and deliver their objectives to the required standard and on time - every time.
Minute Taking Skills - for BeginnersThis one day course will help develop skills, techniques and confidence for effective minute taking.
Performance Management TechniquesIf you are moving into a role that involves managing people this one day course will help develop understanding of performance management techniques.
Powerpoint (365) - Beyond the BasicsThis Train & Grow course is for those confident in creating and setting up a slide show, who now want to enhance their presentation with exciting animation, graphics, automation and hyperlinks.
Powerpoint (365) - IntroductionThis Train & Grow course is designed for those responsible for the physical creation of slides for a presentation by themselves or others.
Strategic Thinking - Skills for SuccessIf you are responsible for organisational performance this workshop will help develop the important strategic skills needed to achieve desired results.
Team Building - Skills for SuccessIdentify your own skills, your role within a team and what you may need to do to become more effective within a team.
Word (365) - Essential Skills Part 1This Train & Grow course is designed for those who are comfortable with creating and editing a simple document, and now want to incorporate tables and explore the more advanced formatting and editing features available.
Word (365) - Essential Skills Part IIThis in-depth course covers the five essential tools necessary to create, format and edit complex documents, namely: Styles, Tables, Sections, Graphics and Quick Parts. This course would also help those who influence, or contribute to, the design of templates or establishing and maintaining a House