Business Training


Assertiveness SkillsDoes your job role involve getting the best from others. This can prove difficult if you lack skills in assertiveness. Improve your effectiveness, by developing skills and techniques to manage others with greater confidence and authority, leading to improved organisational performance.
Business Communication SkillsThe ability to successfully communicate in the workplace is a vital business skill.
Chairing Meeting SkillsIt is important you have the skills to get the most from your meetings. This practical workshop equips you with techniques to chair effective meetings.
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence This one day course will provide you with knowledge of the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Introduction to First Line Management - Skills for Success Develop knowledge and skills to help you move into a management role for the first time.
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing This two day programme is for learners to learn about the spirit and principles involved in using Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help people make behavioural and attitudinal change.
Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)This one day course is designed to introduce you to Neuro-Linguistic Programme in a way that is interesting, easy to understand and practical.
Introduction to Project ManagementThe course is intended to develop own skills of those (who may or may not be managers) to help them manage and deliver their objectives to the required standard and on time - every time.
Managing Financial ResourcesThis programme is about the generic principles, methods and techniques for planning, managing and analysing the use of financial resources, and the factors affecting their use.
Managing Pressure and Stress in Those You ManageThis short course introduces practical techniques to manage the pressures that may affect individuals during periods of high demand or change.
Mentor TrainingThe value of mentoring as a support mechanism for developing the quality of employee’s (including young people’s) work practices, skills and experience in the workplace.
Minute Taking Skills - for BeginnersThis one day course will help develop skills, techniques and confidence for effective minute taking.
Performance Management TechniquesIf you are moving into a role that involves managing people this one day course will help develop understanding of performance management techniques.
Presenting with ImpactDo you fear speaking in front of others? Are you expected to deliver presentations as part of your job role? This course develops the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable you to deliver a meaningful presentation that gets your key messages across.
Prezi - Introduction toWant a fresh approach to presentations? Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint? Find out more about Prezi and what it can do for the effectiveness of your presentations.
Strategic Thinking - Skills for SuccessIf you are responsible for organisational performance this workshop will help develop the important strategic skills needed to achieve desired results.
Team Building - Skills for SuccessIdentify your own skills, your role within a team and what you may need to do to become more effective within a team.
The Benefits of Apprenticeships for EmployersFind out how developing an apprenticeship programme can help to improve your business by growing your own talent.
Time Management TechniquesWe all have the same amount of time each day. If you manage other people, it is particularly important to set a good example and to make the most effective use of your own time. This workshop provides practical tips, tools and skills for taking back control and to improve your time management skill