Business Training

Building a Productive TeamTeam building skills are critical for your effectiveness as a leader or manager and the success of your business. This course provides an introduction to building an effective and high performing team within an organisation.
Five Essential Skills (Word Advanced)This in-depth course covers the five essential tools necessary to create, format and edit complex documents, namely: Styles, Tables, Sections, Graphics and Quick Parts. This course would also help those who influence, or contribute to, the design of templates or establishing and maintaining a House
Introduction to NLPAn introduction to how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can improve your effectiveness in the workplace.
Presenting with Impact - Personal PresentationDo you fear public speaking? Does your role depend upon it? This course develops the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable you to deliver a meaningful presentation that gets your key messages across.
Safeguarding Adults AwarenessTo increase awareness of Adult Protection issues.
Skills for Assertiveness - How to Say NoAs a manager your job involves getting the best from others. This can prove difficult if you lack skills in assertiveness. Improve your effectiveness, by developing skills and techniques to manage others with greater confidence and authority, leading to improved organisational performance.
Skills for Coaching and MentoringThis workshop introduces a newly appointed manager on how coaching skills can help target performance, and lead to a more confident and competent team, plus achieve business objectives. As a manager your job involves getting the best from others.