Business Training


Building a Productive TeamTeam building skills are critical for your effectiveness as a leader or manager and the success of your business. This course provides an introduction to building an effective and high performing team within an organisation.
Business Report Writing Skills - IntermediateDo you need to know the basics of how to write well organised business reports? Are you confident your report writing accurately conveys all the important facts your audience needs to understand? Do you need to develop your report writing skills?
Business Writing Skills - BeginnersAre you confident your written communication is clear and effective and gets your message across? Do you make the right impression to others, or are your writing skills letting you down?
Emergency First AidThis one day Emergency First Aid At Work course is designed for anyone wanting to become an accredited emergency first aider.
Equality and Diversity AwarenessTo increase awareness of Equality and Diversity.
Improve Your Customer Service SkillsHow good is your customer service? Is it First Class? What would your customers say? This workshop is designed to take you through the process of how you develop an exceptional customer service culture that will impact positively on your business.
Managing Pressure and Stress in Those You ManageThis short course introduces practical techniques to manage the pressures that may affect individuals during periods of high demand or change.
Minute Taking Skills - BeginnersThis one day course will help develop skills, techniques and confidence for effective minute taking. For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Note Taking TechniquesThis short course is designed to help develop essential listening skills and effective note taking skills to improve note taking practice. For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Presenting with Impact - Personal PresentationDo you fear public speaking? Does your role depend upon it? This course develops the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable you to deliver a meaningful presentation that gets your key messages across.
Skills for Assertiveness - How to Say NoAs a manager your job involves getting the best from others. This can prove difficult if you lack skills in assertiveness. Improve your effectiveness, by developing skills and techniques to manage others with greater confidence and authority, leading to improved organisational performance.
Skills for Coaching and MentoringThis workshop introduces a newly appointed manager on how coaching skills can help target performance, and lead to a more confident and competent team, plus achieve business objectives. As a manager your job involves getting the best from others.
Skills for Dealing with Challenging People in the WorkplaceThis workshop explores different ways to deal with people who present challenging behaviour or attitudes within the team, within the organisation, or as a result of tasks they are asked to carry out. For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Skills for Effective Chairing of a MeetingAs a newly appointed manager or new business owner it is important you have the skills to get the most from your meetings. This practical workshop equips you with techniques to chair effective meetings. For Course Information, please click on the date below.
Skills for Effective NegotiationIn business you will encounter the need for negotiation. This workshop will help you to develop essential knowledge and personal skills to enable the development of practical negotiating strategies to deal with situations and people more effectively. For Course Information, please click on the date
Time Management TechniquesWe all have the same amount of time each day. If you manage other people, it is particularly important to set a good example and to make the most effective use of your own time. This workshop provides practical tips, tools and skills for taking back control and to improve your time management skill