General interest

Autism Awareness for World Autism Day This introduction will help you to develop a greater understanding of Autism and devise strategies for creating an autism-friendly learning environment.
Creative Writing Beginners: Step 3This course follows on from the previous course and will continue to improve your skills and knowledge in Creative Writing.
Creative Writing for Profit and PleasureThis course will teach you how to get started in Creative Writing and how you can get on track with publishing and selling your work with the support of an experienced tutor.
Deaf AwarenessThis course is about the practical skills needed to communicate effectively with people who have varying degrees of hearing loss.
Digital Photography Beginners: Step 3 Following on from Step 2, this course will show you how to further develop your skills in the use of a digital camera.
Exploring Mindfulness This course will help you to experience and explore mindfulness in a friendly and supportive setting.
Jurassic Coast: Introduction to Ordnance SurveyExplore the wonderful world of the Jurassic Coast maps, learning the skills to enjoy the wonderful outdoors without getting lost.
Tai Chi BeginnersThis exciting course will help you to improve health, fitness and mobility with a gentle introduction to Tai Chi in a friendly and supportive setting.
What makes you YOU - An Introduction to Psychology: Step 1Explore some of the big questions about being human through a psychological perspective. This short course will help you understand and explore how some of the big thinkers in psychology have addressed - What makes you YOU.