General interest


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: The BasicsThis intensive one day course will develop your core skills in using Adobe Lightroom to 'develop' your digital photographs.
Art and MindfulnessExperience and explore mindfulness and relaxation using creative art techniques in a friendly and supportive setting.
Autism Awareness for World Autism Day This introduction will help you to develop a greater understanding of Autism and devise strategies for creating an autism-friendly learning environment.
Creative Writing Beginners: Step 3This course follows on from the previous course and will continue to improve your skills and knowledge in Creative Writing.
Digital Friday: A Tour Around Your TabletStart discovering all the amazing things you can do with your lightweight and powerful tablet.
Digital Friday: Pinterest for BeginnersIf you love finding inspiration online, but can’t keep up with all your bookmarks, Pinterest is the way to go. Come along and learn how to make the best of this fabulous platform
Digital Photography Beginners: Step 2This course is designed to show you how to further develop your skills in the use of a digital camera to obtain your own perfected images.
Digital Photography Beginners: Step 3 Following on from Step 2, this course will show you how to further develop your skills in the use of a digital camera.
Editing Digital PhotographyThis one day course will develop your core skills using software to edit your digital photographs.
Exploring Mindfulness This course will help you to experience and explore mindfulness in a friendly and supportive setting.
Introduction to Buying and Selling on EbayAn introduction to recycling items that you no longer need and make a little or a lot of money on eBay.
Jurassic Coast: Geology & Geography An introductory workshop to help develop an understanding of how Geological processes have shaped the earth over the past 4.6 billion years and in particular, on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset where rocks from 230 million years to the present day are exposed.
Jurassic Coast: Introduction to Ordnance SurveyExplore the wonderful world of the Jurassic Coast maps, learning the skills to enjoy the wonderful outdoors without getting lost.
Jurassic Coast: Painting the Sea Explore painting the beautiful seascapes of the Jurassic Coast during in our exciting workshop, come along and join the fun!
Jurassic Coast: Recognising Fossils Developing skills to spot and identify fossils in the field, particularly on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset is a fascinating hobby providing the key to unlocking the secrets of evolution of past environments and life in our local area.
Tai Chi BeginnersThis exciting course will help you to improve health, fitness and mobility with a gentle introduction to Tai Chi in a friendly and supportive setting.
What makes you YOU – An Introduction to PsychologyThis is a hands-on taster session exploring how some of the big thinkers in psychology have addressed What makes you YOU.