Arts, Crafts and Lifestyle


An Introduction to MindfulnessSimple techniques for everyday relaxation and focus.
Creative WritingTips for writing a short story, poem or journal - acquire basic writing skills.
Creative Writing MasterclassFor those who have attended the introductory course and wish to expand their writing skills.
Eat and Live Well on a BudgetPractical ideas for you and your family without breaking the bank.
Improving Well-beingAn informative and practical course covering simple energy therapy and mindfulness techniques to release negative stress and enhance positive wellbeing.
Pet First AidThis certified Pet First Aid course prepares you to take quick and confident action in an emergency, and focuses on the most common pet-related accidents and illnesses, including CPR and Choking.
Well-being IntroductionDo you want to improve your wellbeing? This session will introduce you to a range of approaches and techniques to enhance wellbeing and help you get the most out of life.
Yoga for People Who Don't do YogaWould you like to learn how to relax and build strength and harmony? Are you put off by regular yoga classes, thinking you have to be young, fit and flexible? Then this is the course for you!