Course Information: Painting Portraits From Photographs - Mixed Ability

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Learn about structure of faces, the fall of light and shade.

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From 24 Apr 2020 to 10 Jul 2020
Fri 13:15-15:45
for 10 weeks

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24 Apr 2020
13:15 to 15:45
01 May 2020
13:15 to 15:45
15 May 2020
13:15 to 15:45
22 May 2020
13:15 to 15:45
05 Jun 2020
13:15 to 15:45
12 Jun 2020
13:15 to 15:45
19 Jun 2020
13:15 to 15:45
26 Jun 2020
13:15 to 15:45
03 Jul 2020
13:15 to 15:45
10 Jul 2020
13:15 to 15:45


Stoke Lodge
Stoke Lodge Centre
Shirehampton Road
Stoke Bishop

with Bill Guilding


Fees and concessions information

The full (undiscounted) fee for this course is 157 , the concession rate is 97. Please note that concession rates are subject to proof of eligibility. For more details please see our Terms and conditions


Learn about the structure of faces, the fall of light and shade, and how to mix flesh colours to create a good likeness. Use any preferred medium (watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal or just pencil). Bring your own photographs or use ones from the tutor's collection.

What would be useful preparation before the course?
If you want to paint a portrait of a friend or relative, rather than use one of the tutor's pictures, then choose a clear photo with plenty of gradation between light and dark areas of the face. And the bigger the photo, the better.

What can students expect?

The course will start with a demonstration and guidance about the structure of faces. When the preliminary drawings are ready, the tutor will talk about and demonstrate the use of light and shade and mixing face colours.

Previous experience required?

Some experience is required of using the medium you are going to use in these 5 sessions.
This course is not an introduction to using oils, acrylics, watercolour or pastels.

What is the progression route?

Portraiture from Life/ Life Drawing

What should students bring?

Please bring
your usual painting equipment (or pastels)
a hard pencil (eg. 3H)
a rubber.

Useful colours for flesh: Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, and for dark-skinned people: Raw Sienna as well.
Oil painters: a canvas board or an A3 sheet of oil sketching paper.
Acrylic painters: as for oil painters, or MDF, or stiff cardboard, or 350gsm paper: about A3 size.
Watercolourists: watercolour paper: pre-stretched on board, or heavy-duty paper(350gsm) unstretched is ok.
Pastelists: some A3 coloured (beige? grey?) paper, e.g. sugar paper or specialist pastel-paper