Art History

16th Century Painting in Northern EuropeThis is the century of Durer's extraordinary woodcuts and engravings and Grunewald's tortured and ugly forms.
17th Century Painting in Northern EuropeWe will discuss their works and also focus on the artists who specialised in scenes of everyday life.
Art in the 19th CenturyAn exploration of Western European painting from the mid 19th century onwards.
Romanticism and European paintingWhat is Romanticism? A term difficult to define, although in painting often associated with colour and feeling.
Surrealism Summer School 2020This week long course is an opportunity to delve into the most important European art movement between the two world wars.
The 15th Century: Early Netherlandish PaintingExplore the art of the Northern Renaissance from Jan van Eyck's exquisite, jewel-like paintings to Hieronymus Bosch's bizarre world of monsters.