Portuguese Language and Culture

Portuguese Language and Culture Taster DayThis course will cover a basic introduction to the Portuguese language, culture, geography, arts and music.
Portuguese Level 1 A : Term 1This course is for complete beginners.
Portuguese Level 1 A : Term 2This course is a continuation of the September Part 1 course. Learners wishing to join Part 2 must have studied Portuguese at beginners level for app 30 hours.
Portuguese Level 1 BThis course is suitable for students at post-beginner level who have studied the language to a limited extent in the past (app 60 hours) or students who would like to refresh previously acquired basic Portuguese.
Portuguese Level 3 A and BThis course at lower advanced level is suitable for students who have completed courses at Level 1 and Level 2 and have a good understanding of the language.
Portuguese Level 3 C and DEste curso oferece aos estudantes com um nível avançado de português a possibilidade de consolidar seus conhecimentos abordando temas de atualidade, literatura, cultura e temas de interesse geral.