Europe, America and the World in the Nineteenth CenturyAdopting a world perspective we study among other things the American Civil War, the modernisation of China and Japan and the British and other European Empires. All in all, a tumultuous time.
The European Reformation 1500 - 1650What happened when the authority of the Catholic Church broke down in the 1520's and Protestant Churches and rising nations struggled for supremacy with Rome, and with each other. A story whose interest is by no means merely religious.
The Founding Fathers and the birth of the US ConstitutionAn overview of the men who fought for independence, led the new nation and drafted the US constitution—1776 to 1812.
They Made History: Great Historians and their WorksHistory is not set in stone. Much depends on the men and women who write it, be they Catholics, Protestants or atheists, conservatives, liberals or socialists. Gibbon, Macaulay and AJP Taylor come under scrutiny, with many others less well known.
Working class history from below - the Women who challenged Society in BristolIntroducing a series of lectures that aim to present a different perspective of our collective history, the history of working class people, and in particular working class women. Topics covered amongst others will be Women in Port Cities, Women surviving a Bristol workhouse, and pioneering Bristol