Art History

Art in the 18th CenturyThe century of the french Revolution and David's Austere neo-classcism and also of Tiepolo's decorative frolics and Gainsborough's fancy pictures.
Gothic versus Baroque: the heavyweights of Cathedral Building in Western EuropeFrom the elegant to the theatrical: discover the forms, technical advances, and the thinking behind these 2 artistic tours de force
Mexico and RussiaWe will travel from Russia to Mexico and explore the paintings produced, among others, by Malevich, Rivera and Kahlo against a backdrop of social upheaval and revolution.
The First World War - Art and HistoryMarking the centenary of the final year of WWI, historian John Stevens and art historian Sarah Kelly will explore the history and art of the Great War.
The Legacies of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vincia fresh look at the creation and influence of these 2 Renaissance giants.