British Titans of the Nineteenth Century.This course paints the background to a turbulent and fascinating era in History.
Early Georgian England 1714 - 1760We explore these crucial years, in which hard won peace and stability triumphed over Jacobite and French threats, Pope and Gray wrote their greatest poetry, and England acquired dominion over Canada and India.
Politics in Historical PerspectiveFew of today’s political issues are wholly new. We look at questions like Northern Ireland, devolution, EU membership and many others, adopting a historical perspective going back two or three hundred years, or even longer.
The Descent to the war Between the States 1820-1865An overview of the key events, laws, and people in the decades leading to the American Civil War.
The Founding Fathers and the birth of the US ConstitutionAn overview of the men who fought for independence, led the new nation and drafted the US constitution—1776 to 1812.
The Later Stuarts 1660-1714Continuing the story of the Stuart monarchy, we look at the Restoration and reign of the “Merry Monarch”, Charles II and discover that behind the merriment lay a shrewd political operator.
They Made History: Great Historians and their WorksHistory is not set in stone. Much depends on the men and women who write it, be they Catholics, Protestants or atheists, conservatives, liberals or socialists. Gibbon, Macaulay and AJP Taylor come under scrutiny, with many others less well known.
Twelve more Prime Ministers, 1866-1940In the era between the premierships of Disraeli and Neville Chamberlain, middle and even working-class men rose to the heights of power.
Years of Regency and Reform, 1815-1846We study an era of Regency dandies and penniless workers threatened by industrialisation, earnest reformers and Romantic poets, and see the stage being set for world-wide empire in the Victorian age.