<h4> </h4> <p><strong>ADVICE TO LEARNERS ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES FOR FACE-TO-FACE COURSE ATTENDANCE</strong></p> <p>Please be punctual and arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your classes.</p> <p>Your safety is paramount to us.  Your first lesson will include an induction to your course and advice on safe learning.  So that we are COVID SECURE and able to teach safely please read and follow the safety advice below.  <br /> <br /> 1.    If you are unwell, do not attend class.  If you or a member of your family has COVID-19 symptoms or is self-isolating do not attend class;<br />       book a Covid test.  Before you start your course take an LFD test, and then take the LFD test twice a week.<br /> 2.    If you test positive with a PCR test you need to isolate - you can return to the course venue after day 7 if you’ve had 2 negative LFD tests.<br /> 3.    Enter the building before the lesson starts, follow the signage and staff instructions: use the stairs not lifts.  Always stay 2 metres apart. <br /> 4.    Always wear a face covering in the building:  You will be asked to remove the face covering when your lesson requires you to speak/practice.  <br /> 5.    Cough or sneeze in to tissues and avoid touching your face.<br /> 6.    During the lesson follow the direction of the tutor.  This includes:<br />       a.    Entering the classroom and finding a desk<br />       b.    Using the sanitiser provided at the beginning and end of a lesson.<br />       c.    Remaining at your desk unless given permission to move<br />       d.    If you need to visit the toilet alert the attention of your tutor<br />       e.    Leaving the classroom <br /> 7.    Maintain 2 metres’ distance from other people at all times.  If an exercise requires you to be closer then follow tutor guidance to keep safe. <br /> 8.    Please keep what you bring with you to lessons to a minimum for the safety of others. Take your personal rubbish home with you.<br /> 9.    Please bring your own resources and take them home with you afterwards: note book, pen, pencil, drinking water etc.<br /> <br /> For further advice speak to your tutor.<br /> January 2022</p>