Basic Digital Skills PowerPoint

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Course code: C233STCBCPowerPoint

Create a simple presentation on a topic of your choice using text, colours and picture. These courses are suitable for those wanting to work towards their first formal qualification in Digital Skills & may be FREE if you do not already have a Level 1 qualification. Residency requirements apply for a



From 10 Jun 2024 to 15 Jul 2024
Mon 12:30-15:00

6 weeks

10 Jun 2024

12:30 to 15:00

17 Jun 2024

12:30 to 15:00

24 Jun 2024

12:30 to 15:00

01 Jul 2024

12:30 to 15:00

08 Jul 2024

12:30 to 15:00

15 Jul 2024

12:30 to 15:00


The Curve 

William Street



Fees and concessions

total  fee  for  this  course: £75.00.

the full tuition fee for this course: £75.00 ,the concession fee  £5.00.

Who is this course for?

<p>This course is for those who want to learn/improve/develop basic presentation software skills using Microsoft PowerPoint.</p>

<p>(The course may be FREE or discounted for adults over 19 who qualify based on their residency status, their earnings/employment/benefits status and their current level of IT/Digital skills)</p>

What will you learn?

<p>This beginners’ course is designed to introduce learners to the basic concept of PowerPoint - to help learners create a simple presentation on the topic of their own choice.</p>

How will you learn?

<p>As a result of your learning you should be able to: - Create a simple presentation - Make use of at least three different font Styles & Colour and Alignment of text - Format Text & create a Bulleted List - Save, Save As, print & demonstrate the presentation.</p>

Where Next?

<p>Higher level PowerPoint courses and/or Other MS Office products. Call us on (01753) 476611.</p>