<h3>Learn Harrow provide a wide choice of learning opportunities for all ages and abilities across the borough in partnership with our providers.</h3> <p>With the providers of adult, community and family learning in Harrow working in partnership you will find that learning is accessible to you - in your local school or library, a College, a community centre, a temple, even in a children's centre. Through the potential on online learning you don't always have to join a group if you don't want to.</p> <h3>How we can help</h3> <p>This website provides access to a range of courses that you can join on a part-time or full-time basis. Whether you want to learn a new language, learn to surf the Internet or use email, develop your parenting skills, get into music recording or join an art class with your child, it's all here for you.</p> <p>With our learning providers working in partnership, you will find that the course you are interested in is accessible to you, even if you don't want to leave your home. Just contact the course provider when you have found the course you like.</p> <p>Many of our providers also have additional facilities for those with particular learning needs. Whether it's the use of adaptive technologies if you are visually impaired, or a translator if English isn't your first language, we can either help or find someone who can.</p> <h3>Our Service Manager</h3> <p>Karen Bhamra</p> <p><b>Service Manager, Adult Community &amp; Family Learning</b></p> <p> Karen Bhamra manages the Adult, Community &amp; Family Learning provision in Harrow, including that contracted with other providers. Her role also involves developing new provision and supporting providers build up their own programmes.<br> Contact: 020 8416 8906 / <span id="cloakd931027eccb2793df1f42e1fb28f24fc"><a href="mailto:karen.bhamra@harrow.gov.uk">karen.bhamra@harrow.gov.uk</a></span> <br><br> </p>