Computers and the internet at The Learning Place

Android Tablet / Phone Photo Editing & Storage workshopHaving an Android device tablet or phone can be useful, empowering and also lots of fun! All Android devices are different - each manufacturer likes to put its own spin on it, making them unique which means your experience varies, depending on the operating system your tablet runs on.
Basics of Email workshopThis workshop will teach you how to create your own Gmail account and give you an overview of email and its uses. This workshop is suitable for people who have never used email before.
Computers for absolute beginnersDo you feel that you are being left behind in this computer age? Would you like to learn how to use a computer?
Developing Hobbies and Interests Using the InternetUse your emerging internet skills to develop your hobbies and interests. In this session we will look at some popular websites to give you an idea of ways of extending your digital skills alongside of your personal interests.
Get going on the internetDo you feel that there is so much to learn about the internet? Do you need help to make you become a confident ‘surfer’?
Getting more from your tabletHave you attended our Introduction to your Tablet course? Then come along and find out more.
Introduction to Facebook WorkshopCome and learn how to keep in touch with family and friends using Facebook
Introduction to Microsoft OfficeAre you confused by Microsoft Office? Would you like to explore the most commonly used Microsoft applications from Microsoft Office?
Introduction to spreadsheets using Microsoft ExcelDo you need to organise your finances electronically? Would you like to learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets?
Social Media courseSocial networks can be great way to keep in touch with people wherever they are in the world, find old friends, share pictures and find out the latest news. This course will introduce you to social media and the benefits it has to offer.