Computers and the internet


Advanced spreadsheets using Microsoft ExcelDid you enjoy the introduction to spreadsheets course? Why not come along and find out more advanced functions on Excel.
Ancestry - Find My PastKeen to start your family tree but not sure where to start? Find you type your ancestors into a search engine and get overwhelmed by the response? Come and join us at The Learning Place to search for relatives and find out how easy it is to trace your family history.
Getting more from your tabletHave you attended our Introduction to your Tablet course? Then come along and find out more.
Introduction to email using Internet-based Microsoft OutlookDoes email confuse you? Do you know your outbox from your spam folder? Come along and find out all the basics of email.
Introduction to Microsoft OfficeAre you confused by Microsoft Office? Would you like to explore the most commonly used Microsoft applications from Microsoft Office?
Introduction to Microsoft Word WorkshopAre you a ‘rusty’ typist? Are you a budding author who would like to get their words down in print? Or would you simply like to learn how to do word processing?
Introduction to spreadsheets using Microsoft ExcelDo you need to organise your finances electronically? Would you like to learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets?
Introduction to your tabletHaving an Android device tablet can be useful, empowering, and also lots of fun! On this course, learn tips and tricks to help you use your device.
More Ancestry - Find My PastNow you have found your ancestry, would you like to carry on to expand on your family tree. Please come and join us with this follow on course at The Learning Place and find out how easy it really is!