Computers and the internet


Android Tablet / Phone Photo Editing & Storage workshopHaving an Android device tablet or phone can be useful, empowering and also lots of fun! All Android devices are different - each manufacturer likes to put its own spin on it, making them unique which means your experience varies, depending on the operating system your tablet runs on.
Apple iPad/iPhone Photo Editing and Storage workshopLearn how to edit images already captured/stored on your iPad/iPhone using the photos app.
Basics of Email workshopThis workshop will teach you how to create your own Gmail account and give you an overview of email and its uses. This workshop is suitable for people who have never used email before.
Computers for absolute beginnersDo you feel that you are being left behind in this computer age? Would you like to learn how to use a computer?
Get going on the internetDo you feel that there is so much to learn about the internet? Do you need help to make you become a confident ‘surfer’?
Introduction to Email using GmailDoes email confuse you? Do you know your outbox from your spam folder? Come along and find out all the basics of email using Gmail You need to already have a Gmail account to attend this course.
Introduction to your Apple iPadRecently acquired an Apple iPad for Christmas? Had one for some time but not sure how to use it? Come along to our course and put your device through its paces. See how truly an amazing present you really have! Please note that your device must be set up/registered prior to attending.
Introduction to your tabletHaving an Android device tablet can be useful, empowering, and also lots of fun! On this course, learn tips and tricks to help you use your device.
More Ancestry - Find My PastNow you have found your ancestry, would you like to carry on to expand on your family tree. Please come and join us with this follow on course at The Learning Place and find out how easy it really is!
PowerPoints and PresentationsOn this course we will create a presentation using design templates/master slides, add images, learn how to animate and apply transitions, add hyperlinks and set up a slideshow. This would be an ideal course for advancing your career possibilities.
Staying Safe OnlineOn this course we will investigate how to keep ourselves safe online; understand consent/ permission in the digital world and how the choices we make online are important and can affect others too.