Christmas cakes and bakesMake a festive pavlova wreath filled with fruit and nut, homemade gingerbread and chocolate roulade.
Christmas edible giftsWe will be making chutneys, cordials and chocolate truffle. We will also be covering gift presentation such as decorative boxes and labels.
Cook Yourself Happy WorkshopCome along to this workshop and find out how fresh food can improve your physical and mental well-being. We will be cooking fabulous food to help get your zing back.
Cook Yourself HealthyCome along to this course and cook delicious food that not only looks and tastes good but will improve your physical and mental well being
Cooking for Diabetes WorkshopManage your Diabetes by learning how to cook a healthy, balanced diet. Cooking from scratch gives you control over what you eat.
Curries around the worldLearn the skills to produce curries from all over the globe including Thai and Indonesian plus a range of accompaniments.
More curries around the worldNow that you've got a taste for curry making - time to tickle your taste buds with curry making part 2.