Health and Happiness

Confidence buildingLearn how to de-stress and give your confidence a boost.
Confident For Work workshopThis workshop will focus on the process of self-reflection and self-development required in preparation for the workplace. This includes: communication skills, working in a team, challenging oneself, personal presentation and developing resilience.
Creating Confidence for Self-employment workshopThis workshop will focus on the process of turning crafting into self-employment. It will look at a simple business plan, upcycling, costs, finance, promotion and publicity as well as community support.
Relaxation & Aromatherapy WorkshopHerbs have a wide range of healing properties. Come along to this fun, free workshop to find out more and to make bath infusions and foot soaks to try at home.
Relaxation and WellbeingImprove the quality of life by learning relaxation techniques.
Relaxation Sleep WorkshopCome along and find out our top tips for a better night's sleep. Discover the origins of dreamcatchers and have a go at making your own.