Art and Design For Young People

Art and Design For Young People - 14-17 years - Summer SchoolAn enjoyable and challenging course designed to build on existing skills to create a varied body of work useful for GCSE and A level course work or for a dynamic foundation portfolio.
Drawing and Painting for Young People 14-17 Years - Summer SchoolExporing drawing and painting media in depth.
Family Learning - Drawing and Painting Parent and Child 7-13 Years - Summer SchoolDraw and paint with your child under expert guidance. Designed for the fun of making Art as well as the challenge of an exciting drawing and painting project. For children 7-13 years.
Family Learning - Painting 7-13 YearsYou will learn some fun techniques and experiment with a variety of drawing materials,
Kids Art Club - 8-13 yearsThe course is an enjoyable and creative art club for children to express themselves through drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, craft and mixed media.
Life and Figure Drawing for Portfolio Prep 14-17 YearsThe emphasis will be on observation, building upon basic principles of drawing and moving towards personal expression through experimentation with various media and techniques.