Digital Photography and Photoshop - Level 1We spend the first few weeks concentrating on the cameras exposure settings. This is the relationship between shutterspeed, aperture and ISO. This jargon is broken down and studied individually with practical activities [out and about whenever possible] before putting it all together.
Digital Photography and Photoshop - Level 2This course is designed as a continuation from the Level 1 Digital Photography and Editing in Photoshop course, although students with a good technical working knowledge of their camera are welcome to join.
Digital Photography and Photoshop - Level 3Over the 10 weeks we will alternate with location photowalks / shoots and discussion and editing back at the art school. We will include portrait work and adapt to personal interests.
PhotoClub For Advanced PhotographersA club for advanced photographers to develop creative vision and build up your portfolio, which will involve directed photo shoots
Photography (Project Led)This course is intended to enable the learner to develop creative approaches and develop their photographic practice through personal research and technical ability.
Portrait Photography (incl. 1 Week Studio Hire)How to take a good portrait is a fine art, trying to represent your subject in a photograph that communicates the desired result is a skill worth learning.