Summer School Courses

There are lots of courses on this page - There is a summary list to help you find your course more easily.


Botanic Illustration - Advance: Translucency in Fruit and Flowers - Summer SchoolThis is a Two-day workshop in Botanical Illustration is for students of intermediate to advanced level of experience. This is a Water colour only workshop. The two-day Botanical Art workshop will look at capturing translucency (Bright light passing through the subject being painted).
Botanic Illustration - Beginners/ Intermediate - Summer SchoolThis is a two-day workshop in Botanical Illustration is for students of beginner (having had some foundation course in illustration of flowers and plants) to intermediate levels. Students can work in Graphite, Pen and Ink OR water colour.
Botanic Illustration - Students With Experience - Summer SchoolThe course will cover the botanical world through line, form and shading. We will endeavour to describe the basic form/s and texture of plants through foliage, flowers and root stock.
Composition and Colour - Drawing and Painting on the River Thames - Summer SchoolWith this course you are free to use the medium of your choice. The aim is to use the locations by the River Thames to search for and improve composition and colour skills.
Digital Animation For 14 Years Plus - Summer SchoolLearn how to create animations using design software. You will be working on generation of ideas, visualisation, characters; backgrounds, storylines, audio, plus working within technical limitations to produce your own short animation by the end of the course.
Digital Photography - 14 Plus - Summer SchoolThis fun and practical digital photography course will give students a thorough introduction into digital photography in an exciting and creative environment.
Drawing and Sketching Animals - Summer SchoolWe have invited the artist, illustrator and author of ‘The Field Guide to Drawing & Sketching Animals’, Tim Pond is back at PSAD for a third course. His lively and engaging class fuses science with art, providing you with the skills, techniques and knowledge you need to create sketches of animals fi
Egg Tempera Painting - Summer SchoolEgg tempera is a painting technique that was a primary method of painting until after 1500 when it was superseded by the invention of oil painting.
Etching Week - All Levels - Summer SchoolFor beginners and experienced students. It will cover the core processes of soft ground , hard ground and aquatint, through demonstrations over five days
Expressive Drawing Workshop - Summer SchoolAn exciting two-day drawing course will explore different approaches to drawing methods and materials.
Figure Drawing - Beginners - Summer SchoolThis two-day course will provide a useful introduction (or refresher) to drawing from the figure. Through a variety of exercises and approaches you will explore different ways of looking and representing the figure.
Figure Drawing - Capturing Movement - Summer SchoolA lively and entertaining course introducing students to the dynamics of the moving figure using life models and performers culminating in an external day at a performance venue. Students should have some drawing experience.
Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal - Summer SchoolThis course will focus on the dynamic composition of David Hockney.
Intensive Throwing Week - Pots & Lids - Summer SchoolA course for students with some throwing experience. Students are welcome to attend for the intensive throwing experience, but the purpose of this course is to look at lids and how they function.
Introduction To Drawing - Summer SchoolThis two day course will cover the basics of drawing from observation, and is ideal for beginners including those who think they can’t draw!
Introduction to Graphic Design 14 Plus - Summer SchoolGraphic design is an exciting, dynamic and continually evolving field. On this three-day course, students will be taught the design process through introductory workshops in design, drawing, illustration and typography.
Introduction To Pastels - Summer SchoolThis course will be of interest to students new to using pastels. The course will explore the application of both chalk and oil pastels and an introduction into papers and surfaces.
Introduction To Watercolour - Summer SchoolThe ideal course for beginners in watercolour and those who wish to develop confidence in the medium. An inspiring opportunity to learn a range of watercolour techniques including wet in wet, drybrush and the use of glazes.
Learn Creative Photoshop - Summer SchoolA three-day intro to the creative possibilities of working in Photoshop designed for those with little experience of the software. You will learn the basics of everything to get started, creating images using photographs and composite montages together with illustrations.
Life Drawing With Two Models - Summer SchoolThis three day course give you the opportunity to explore the dynamics and compositional possibilities of working with two life models.
Open Studio Painting - Summer SchoolOpen studio sessions are available to those that already have experience of working with a painting medium and are interested in progressing their own projects.
Painting in Oils - Getting Started - Summer SchoolDo you want to paint in oils but don’t know where to start? This two-evening course with an experienced painter will give you the core skills and techniques to begin your own paintings.
Painting The Nude In Oils - A Three Day Pose - Summer SchoolThis course is ideally suited for those with some drawing or painting experience of working from the human form. Working from a model there will be a single pose throughout the three days, allowing for both sustained drawings and a small oil painting of the figure.
Pastels - All Levels - Summer SchoolThis course will be of interest to students new to using pastels as well as the more experienced practitioner. The course will explore the application of both chalk and oil pastels and an introduction into papers and surfaces.
Pottery Throwing For Beginners 14 and Over - Summer SchoolAn opportunity to learn the magic of throwing on the wheel – with instruction on how to make a range of pottery shapes. Suitable for adults as well as young people.
Pottery Workshop (incl. Glazing) - All Levels - Summer SchoolBeginners to pottery will be shown hand- building techniques and a chance to experience the potters’ wheel. Experienced students will be able to work for 3 consecutive days on your own initiated projects with the support of a very experienced tutor.
Pottery Workshop - All Levels - Summer SchoolWhatever your level of expertise come and enjoy the facilities, finish off existing projects or follow the tutor's ideas to get you started with clay.
Printmaking Open Studio - Summer SchoolOpen studio Printmaking sessions are available to those that already have experience of printing techniques (i.e. Etching, Lino, Mono) and are interested in developing their own projects.
Riverside Photography - Summer SchoolThis course will allow you to explore and discover London through a daytime photography walk around the River Thames starting from Putney Bridge.
Screenprint Workshop - Summer SchoolThis course is open to beginners and those with previous experience of screen printing..
Screenprinting - Open Studio - Summer SchoolOpen studio screenprinting sessions are available to those that already have experience of printing and are interested in developing their own projects.
The River Thames - Oil Painting - Summer SchoolThis course uses the locations of the River Thames as a starting point to improve oil painting techniques.
Throwing and Glazing For Beginners 14 Plus - Summer SchoolLearn and enjoy the magic of throwing on the wheel, with professional instruction on how to make a range of pottery shapes.
Watercolour Landscape - All Levels - Summer SchoolExploring landscape both in the studio and al fresco, using local locations on the river. You will be encouraged to develop observational skills through sketchbook use, as you progress to complete finished works.