<div> <h1> <em>TERMS AND CONDITIONS</em> </h1> <h1>Refunds Policy</h1> <h2>Cooling off period</h2> <p> If you enrol on a course and pay for it using webenrol, you are entitled to seven working days during which you may cancel your course enrolment. If you do reconsider your enrolment during this time, you will receive a refund of the money paid for the course(s). This does not apply if you enrol on a course that is due to start within seven days of your enrolment. </p> <h2>Your cancellation</h2> <p> If you cancel your enrolment after the seven day cooling off period, you will not be entitled to a refund unless you can prove that this is due to service failure by Putney School of Art and Design. </p> <h2>Request for refunds relating to service failure</h2> <p> Should you request a refund based on a complaint about the quality of service provided by PSAD, your complaint will be dealt with from the time that your complaint is received by the Head of Putney School of Art and Design. Your complaint may be either in writing or by email to {@courseProviderEmail} The date of receipt of your claim will be the date from which your complaint is considered to have started. If we substantiate your claim, you will receive a proportional refund of the fees paid. If we do not substantiate your claim, you will not be entitled to a refund. We regret that we are unable to offer refunds under any other circumstances. </p> <h2>Changing Courses and Transfering</h2> <p> Please note there is usually a minimum 15 administration charge per course for changes to course enrolments or transfers from one course to another. </p> <h2>Re-Scheduled Classes</h2> <p> PSAD may occasionally have to re-schedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances. Where classes are cancelled for reasons outside the control of PSAD (e.g. very bad weather conditions) then every attempt will be made to make up any lost sessions. However, where this is not possible refunds will not be payable but students will be credited to the value of the lost sessions. </p> <h2>Request for refunds relating to medical problems and general absence</h2> <p> PSAD cannot make refunds for absence due to medical conditions, changes to work commitments, bereavement or other reasons for not being able to attend the course as a part or a whole. </p> <h2>Our cancellation</h2> <p> If PSAD cancels your course you will be entitled to a full refund of your fees, or transfer to another course if this is preferred. </p> <h2>Contact details</h2> <p> Should you have any queries regarding the refunds policy, these should be addressed to the Head of School </p> <h2>Complaints</h2> <p> Copies of Wandsworth Councils complaints policy are available online at <a href="http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/psad">www.wandsworth.gov.uk/psad</a> </p> <h2>Attendance </h2> <p> Please note that it is very important to attend the start of each course as the first session includes an induction and a briefing to students on the course structure. Should you have any concerns about your course once it has started, please discuss these concerns with your tutor as soon as possible. </p> <p> Putney School of Art and Design reserves the right to refuse admission or to refer students to more appropriate classes, on academic grounds if necessary. </p> <h2>Enrolment</h2> <p> You can now register for your course by paying directly in GBP (Sterling) over the internet, by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Electron are all accepted). Before enrolling on your chosen course please make sure that you have read and are happy with the course content. </p> </div>