Everyday English - Reading and Writing

This course is available but you cannot enrol online. Please make an enquiry below, and someone will contact you.


Course code: 4863

Everyday English for those who have some basic English language, with a focus on reading and writing.



From 23 Apr 2024 to 09 Jul 2024
Tue 12:15-14:45

10 weeks

30 Apr 2024

12:15 to 14:45

07 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

14 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

21 May 2024

12:15 to 14:45

04 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

11 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

18 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

25 Jun 2024

12:15 to 14:45

09 Jul 2024

12:15 to 14:45


Parish Offices 

Gladstone Street



Fees and concessions



Borough of Swindon


What is the course about?

<p>Improve your basic English skills that are used in everyday situations. You will learn how to describe yourself or a friend, basic conversation to cover a visit to the doctor and shopping and the language to describe time. Many sessions are role play situations with cards and literacy games. Learn in a relaxed atmosphere.  this course will focus on reading English.</p>

<p>Please contact Mussaret Tanweer for more information and to join this course: Tel 07974224347 or email: mtanweer@swindon.gov.uk </p>

Who is the course for?

<p>This course is for  eligible adults aged 19+ who have some bassic English skills.</p>

<p>You can read about eligibility <a href="https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20032/schools_and_education/402/adult_community_learning/2" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>